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Black & White Heads On Nose

3D option is also available in video. On the nose you can see multiple dark coloured spots, when touched they feel like something is protruding outwards. Blackheads & whiteheads are not related to hygiene or food that you eat, yes they have a relationship with smoking. Chronic smokers in old age develop Favre Racouchot syndrome. You should never get confused with sebaceous filaments.

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Blackheads are actually the pores which are clogged with oil and keratin. Body androgens effects the sebum production by enhancing it. So many times contraceptives (contains hormone) found to be effective in treating them. Adapalene gel also has shown good results. There are many blackheads cleansers. Here you will learn how to use a blackhead remover ? When the size of comendones is more than 1 mm they are called macrocomedones.

Never ever try to remove the comedones by squeezing them. If you try to pinch your skin or squeeze your skin, it will damage you skin and may cause infection and scarring. When these comedones get infected they flare up in form of pustules, pimples or acne. So you should always consult a doctor before buying any blackhead removing product from market. You can remove the blackheads by using a comedone extractor or pore strips or by using glycolic peels under supervision of a doctor.

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