Dozens of Giant Blackheads Popped by Dr. Cyst Buster (Educational)

Meet our friend “Colby” who is a very pleasant 70 year-old gentleman and grandfather of 6! “Colby” has a back that looks like a battleground. First, we are going to drain an abscessed epidermoid cyst. Then we will work through removing the sac and associated scar tissue. Then “Colby” returns to have the packing replaced. While here for this abscess follow-up, we will use the opportunity to treat a number of his larger actinic keratoses with Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy.

On day 3 we are able to remove the packing and leave the wound with only a dry dressing since it’s doing so well. We are more than happy to remove a handful of the Dilated Pores of Winer (DPW) that are present at the upper back.

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