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Mr. Crusader, 9 Year-Old Epidermoid Cyst, And Bottomless Anesthesia!

Here for your education and amazement we have “Mr. Crusader” and his 9 year-old epidermoid cyst. With previous drainings, both surgical and spontaneous, we are bound to find ourselves in a deep mess fast.

To make matters worse, “Mr. Crusader” is a virtual non-responder to our anesthetic cocktail. He required 3 syringes of the good juice to keep his pain at bay.

Thanks to both Gonzo and Fozzie for staying on the battlefield for the half-hour this procedure required!

And what did we find? I’ll leave that up to you to follow along and enjoy. Mostly we thank “Mr. Crusader” for allowing us to video and upload for the edification of our Youtube fans. You sir are a very kind gentleman indeed! Thanks for keeping us entertained during the procedure!

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