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Very Deep 12 year old Blackhead Extraction Procedure

Cysts and abscesses are both popular subjects on YouTube, but what’s the difference between the two? How can you discern if what you’re seeing is a cyst or an abscess? Today’s informative clip explains what each one is, and also shows examples. Although this is an educational video, viewer discretion is still advised.

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A cyst is an abnormal, fluid-filled sac under the skin. The guy in today’s clip has a rather large one on his forehead. Based on the size, I’d guess that it’s been there for quite a while. He is attempting to remove it by using a small pair of scissors, and this all takes place in a bathroom that appears to be less than clean! It goes without saying that you shouldn’t try this method for yourself. If your forehead looks like this one, see your doctor ASAP.

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