Are Canned Foods Safe?

Why should you avoid canned foods whenever possible?

First: the cans themselves often are not good for you, because they are coated in Bisphenol A, a harmful toxin that has been linked to a number of health issues including cancer, heart disease, and reproductive disorders.

BPA can leach into the food, and therefore into your body.

Cans also contain aluminum, which has been linked to brain diseases including Alzheimer’s.

And not only that, the food that’s inside the cans often isn’t much good either. Generally they contain a lot of sodium, occasionally they contain preservatives in the form of sulfites, and much of the food’s nutritional value is lost in the canning process.

If you must use canned food, be sure to purchasing organic foods in BPA-free cans. Better yet, buy fresh produce or foods (especially acidic produce like tomatoes) in glass jars.

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