Is Kombucha Healthy?

Kombucha is a very popular health drink, but does it live up to all it’s health claims and should you be drinking it?

-Kombucha is fantastic in moderation. It is a great replacement for soda, fruit juice, and over carbonated beverages.
-Kombucha is made from a bacterial culture, called a scoby, that creates probiotics and enzymes.
-Kombucha is a fermented and cultured food that promotes digestive health.

Health Benefits of Kombucha:
1. Kombucha has cleansing and detoxification properties.
-Kombucha contains glucaric acid, an organic acid that has been studied and shown to help prevent cancer, increase energy, and promote detoxification and cleansing within the body.

2. Kombucha is beneficial for the body’s pH balance and overall joint health.
-Kombucha contains glucosamines and hyaluronic acid, which benefit joint health.

3. Kombucha is very beneficial for digestive health.
-Kombucha full of enzymes and probiotics, which help naturally promote digestion.

4. Kombucha is a great source of antioxidants.
-Kombucha is made with black tea, which is high in flavonoids, to promote antioxidant protection, immune support, and fat loss.

5. Kombucha is great for promoting energy.
-Kombucha not only contains caffeine, but it also contains many health properties to help support energy levels.

Action Steps:
1. Consume kombucha in moderation as a healthy replacement for soda, fruit juice, and other sugar-filled, carbonated beverages.
2. Find a high quality brand of kombucha, such as Beyond Organic.
3. Try making kombucha at home with a recipe.

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